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Prepaid or Requested Extras:

General Cleaning:
( E )xcellent  ( S )atisfactory ( P )oor
1. Vacuum all carpets and Floors:
E   S   P
2. Dust and polish all wood furniture:
E      S P
3. Windex all glass fixtures:
E   S    P
4. Windex one ONLY (1) set of Sliders/or French Doors:
E    P
5. Windex all glass picture frames and mirrors:
6. Windex entrance door glass (Weather Permitting):
E     S P
7. Vacuum Sofa/Chairs:
E   P
8. Dust baseboards/door frames/window sills:
E     P
9. Empty all Trash:
E     S P
10. Change Bed Linens day of service Must be left on bed:
E     P
11. Dust Ceiling Fans Monthly:
E     S P
12 Dust window blinds Monthly (First week of the Month):
E    P
13. Cobweb Monthly:
E      S P

1. Wash and shine sinks, showers, tubs, Jacuzzi, and toilets :

E      P
2. Windex all mirrors and chrome fixtures:
E      S P
3. Clean exterior cabinets:
E     S   P
4. Sweep and wash flooring:
E     S   P
1. Clean counter tops/Sink and accessories:
E   S   P
2. Wipe refrigerator, dishwasher, and all appliances Exterior Only:
E    P
3. Clean top of stove Only:
E   S   P
4. Sweep/Wash flooring:
E   S   P

Overall Service Comments:


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